General Gameplay: Complete Queville Guide V1

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Table of Contents:
All the guides are color coded so it will be easier to find any specific sections of the guide.

1.1=World Map

1.2=Armor Guide and Best Armor Combinations
1.3=Combat Guide
1.4=Magic Guide
1.5=Range Guide
1.6=Money Making Guide
1.7=Mining and Smithing Guide
1.8=Fishing and Cooking Guide
1.9=Arson Guide
2.0=PvP Guide
2.1=High level Monster Hunting in Teams and solo
2.2=Lava Wizard killing

1.1 World Map
Currently the entire guide will be referencing back to this map as to locations where to train and locations where to get things. If you download the map you will be able to open it up and zoom in and out thereby allowing you to see everything very clearly.

1.2 Armor Guide and Best Armor Combinations:
The armor that you will be using is the same for general training and for PvP. The only difference between the two is the food and potions that you will be using. Below you will find the best combination for combat, magic, and ranged as long as the best foods for general training or food for pvp.

Click Here to see the bonuses that all the armor here gives.






Wands for + Bonuses:


General Training Food: Full inventory of best barreled food

PvP Food: 2 antidotes, 2 strength potions, the rest will be candy or the best barreled food you can get.







General Training Food: Full inventory of best barreled food

PvP Food: 2 antidotes, the rest will be candy or the best barreled food you can get.






Wands for + Bonuses:


General Training Food: Full inventory of best barreled food

PvP Food: 2 antidotes, 2 poisoned arrowheads, the rest will be candy or the best barreled food you can get.

1.3 Combat Guide:
Combat is one of the most useful skills to train as it provides you with hit points which allow you to take more hits and without it would not be very easy training magic and ranged. This guide will assume that you are always getting the best armor possible which can be found on the post above. It should also be noted that whenever training you should use wands to enhance your killing ability which will ultimately increase your exp gain. The only wand you should not use is the emerald wand since its +1 bonus is barely worth it. With practice you could manage to switch quickly enough so that your exp gain would be increased significantly. You should also remember to use the best possible food so that you will not die easily. So lets get to the best possible ways to train combat. Below you will find the best possible creatures to kill so that you level up as fast as possible.

3-35 (Chickens, Spiders, and Rats):

These are the easiest creatures to kill to gain fast exp. It should be noted that you should never stay on 1 screen at any given time since they are killed quickly and you should always be moving to the next place. On the world map the locations you should visit and kill all the listed creatures are in the following order:
A3-B3-C3-D3-D4-C4-climb up tower-restart
This method should allow you to get 35 combat very quickly. I would not bother casting spells to gain a bonus at this stage though as it takes mostly 1 hit to kill most of these creatures.

35-65 (Mountain Goats):

Now your exp gain should increase significantly. I would strongly recommend you get to 45 magic before continuing so that you can use the ruby wand to your advantage. 30 fishing and cooking will help you a lot since mountain goats do hit pretty decently and you wont last long enough to gain a significant amount of exp if you do not have food. So here is the route you should follow:
For the areas where the goats are across the river you can use the ruby wand to lure them. Do this by attacking them with the wand until they are harmed just a little. Stop attacking them then and wait just a moment at which point the goat will come to your side of the river. Get out your sword kill the goat. This will still grant you all the combat exp so long as you kill the goat using a sword.

65-99 Option 1(River Trolls):

This is probably one of the most used methods for higher levels to gain exp. This is the downside as having another player there would drastically decrease your exp gain yet if no one else is there you will be gaining a lot of exp. Getting 75 magic for the diamond wand would increase your exp gain a lot as you will be hitting harder. I would also strongly recommend you get 60 fishing and cooking so that you can barrel lobsters as you will be needing food often when training. So here is the route:
The trolls are very close together which is a good advantage and which makes them easy exp.

65-99 Option 2(Swines):

This is probably my favorite way of getting exp. I like it for the reason that players dont really train here and that they are just as good as river trolls and in many cases even better. They drop ham and matches which can be cooked at level 50 to supplement your food supply. For the most part by me it covers all the food I need. I strongly recommend having a diamond wand at this point since this will increase your exp gain significantly and it doesnt even have to be used that much as you only need to kill swines on 2 screens. So here is the route you will use:
G6-go inside pen-restart
There is only 1 swine outside so dont bother going outside if the ones inside re-spawn before you kill them all.

65-99 Option 3(Giant Ants):

I do enjoy training on these ants a lot. You have two options for training on them. You can train on the ones above ground which are level 20 and can be easily killed yet you will have to move around a lot. For both routes I recommend you use lobster barrels as they will deplete your food at a moderate rate. You should also be using the luring method which can be found at the end of this guide to kill them more easily. The route you will be following is as follows.
G7 in temple- exit temple to G7-H7-H8-restart
The other route will have you fight against giant ants inside the ant hills. Each chamber contains 4 level 28 ants and 1 level 20 ant. You can go from chamber to chamber killing the ants. The ant hills can be found at H7 and H8.

80-99 (Sewer Trolls:

River trolls are probably hard to gain exp on if you dont have 80 combat and 75 magic. With the diamond wand supporting you, you should be able to get a decent amount of exp. They hit fairly high so I recommend you train here only with lobster barrels which require 60 fishing and cooking to make. You will probably have to get barrels again every 15-30 minutes depending on how fast you train. You will also have a choice of fighting inside the Oakland sewers or the Butler sewers. The trolls in Oakland drop blue bandanas yet are fewer than the trolls in Butler which drop red bandanas. Please reference to the sewers section of the guides to see where the sewers are located and how you can get to the trolls.

That concludes my guide on combat.

1.4 Magic Guide:
Magic is extremely useful to train. The + bonuses are extremely valuable and the rings provide you with extra defense for rangers. Whenever you are training magic always cast spells since it gives you free exp and increases your damage. Once again remember to be using the best armor, wands, and food that you can use to maximize your exp gain. So below you will find the best ways to train magic and some ways you can generally gain exp.

1-45 (Chickens, Spiders, and Rats):

You should at this point get the emerald wand. Ask any player to charge an emerald wand if you have an emerald since most players will do it for free. The wand gives exp for every spell you cast but you should still move around killing creatures. So here is the route you will use:
A3-B3-C3-D3-D4-C4-climb up tower-restart
It is the same route as the first combat route yet it will go much faster since you can kill enemies from a distance so you dont have to go to each one to actually attack them.

45-75 (Mountain Goats):

Like in combat your exp gain will increase after you get your next weapon. You will be gaining more exp than in combat unless you have 60 combat since the steel sword provides better attack. You now have the +2 ability in your wand which will be a great help. You dont have to lure the goats this time though since you can just kill them from a distance. So here is the route:
The route is the same as the one for combat but you will be able to kill the goats quicker.

75-99 Option 1(River Trolls):

At this point you can cast the +4 spell using the diamond wand which will be a huge help. It will allow you to kill the trolls much quicker. It will also be faster killing than combat since you dont have to go to the trolls to engage in combat. So here is the route:
It is once again the same as the combat route yet you will be able to kill the trolls from a distance.

75-99 Option 2(Swines):
Once again swines are an extremely good method of training. They provide ham and you can kill them from ranged. You only have to cast the +4 spell on 2 screens. So here is the route:
G6-go inside pen-restart
Remember that there is only 1 swine outside so if the swines inside respawn before you can kill them all just keep killing them inside and casting spells.

75-99 Option 3(Lava Goats):

This is one of my favorite methods of getting magic exp. It provides me with a greater variety in killing monsters with magic and it is not a very much used training area. I would recommend bringing lobster barrels unless you would like to fish lava crawlers and cook them. The goats are pretty far spread out so the only skill worth training on them for is magic since they dont drop arrows too often. So here is the route:
It requires some walking and you should cast spells all the way since it will increase your exp gain by a bit.

75-99 Option 3(Giant Ants):

I do enjoy training on these ants a lot. You have two options for training on them. You can train on the ones above ground which are level 20 and can be easily killed yet you will have to move around a lot. For both routes I recommend you use lobster barrels as they will deplete your food at a moderate rate. The route you will be following is as follows.
G7 in temple- exit temple to G7-H7-H8-restart
The other route will have you fight against giant ants inside the ant hills. Each chamber contains 4 level 28 ants and 1 level 20 ant. You can go from chamber to chamber killing the ants. The ant hills can be found at H7 and H8.

General Exp Gain tip:
Whenever you have a wand on you and moving around always cast spells. Over time it adds up. I gained over 200k exp just from casting spells alone while smithing.

That concludes my magic guide.

1.5 Range Guide:
Ranged is somewhat different from both combat and ranged. It requires you to store arrows in a quiver which you must have instead of a cape. It is also a skill that has very low armor yet extremely high damage which makes it a necessity to have high combat so that you will not die from the blows of your enemy. Ranged also allows you to attack a certain enemy along with another person. This is especially useful when killing high leveled targets such as demons or the lava wizard. When killing a monster the person not using ranged receives the damage from a monster which helps the ranger who has low armor. The only exception to this is the lava wizard who attacks all players attacking him at the same time no matter which skill is being used to kill him. Ranged is also especially useful in wars since all rangers can attack one specific target at any one given time so long as their attacks are not interrupted by another player. So lets get to the best training methods. At the bottom of the best training methods are also the best ways to get arrows.

1-30 (Snakes):

Before starting I would recommend your quiver is full and that you use the best possible food you can get your hands on. I also recommend having at least 37 combat to start so that you can wear good gear since rangers arent very good when it comes to taking hits. You will start with 6 weapon which makes snakes the ideal enemy to train on. So below is the route you will use:
C7-C6-C5-D5-go inside town-restart
This route should allow you to get 30 ranged in barely any time since snakes give an amazing amount of exp for such a low level.

30-60(Mountain Goats):

Mountain goats are really good to train on once again for their numerous numbers and there good level giving you decent exp. I recommend having 65 combat before this stage and that you will at the least be able to fish flounder and barrel them. It will take a while for you to get to 60 ranged since mountain goats dont give any arrows and you will have to continuously get arrows from elsewhere. So here is the route:
The route is the same as that of them magic and combat route as it is the best route.

60-99 Option 1(River Trolls):

River trolls are about the best monsters you can train on to get exp. They drop arrows which allow you to train on them over long periods of time provided you have enough food in your house. I recommend having 75 magic before going on since it will increase your exp gain significantly if you cast +4 spells. I also strongly recommend being able to fish and barrel lobsters since you will run out of food at a decent rate and having food in your house will allow you to train over extended periods of time. So here is the route:
Remember to always stock up on food and arrows before coming here.

75-99 Option 3(Giant Ants):

I do enjoy training on these ants a lot. You have two options for training on them. You can train on the ones above ground which are level 20 and can be easily killed yet you will have to move around a lot. For both routes I recommend you use lobster barrels as they will deplete your food at a moderate rate. You should also pick up the arrows which they drop yet it can be a nuisance going from each spawn point to the next yet with practice youll be able to do it before any ants respawn. The route you will be following is as follows.
G7 in temple- exit temple to G7-H7-H8-restart
The other route will have you fight against giant ants inside the ant hills. Each chamber contains 4 level 28 ants and 1 level 20 ant. You can go from chamber to chamber killing the ants. The ant hills can be found at H7 and H8.

60-99 Options 2(Sewer Trolls):

Sewer trolls are somewhat harder to kill than river trolls but they are more numerous and give more exp when killed at a steady pace yet they do hit a bit harder and they drop arrows. I would never go here without tons of food and the best possible gear including a diamond wand since they will deplete your food quickly if unprepared. In order to get here you need to pick up the red key from inside the badland bunker. They bunker can be accessed if you kill a player and give it in to enter or if you have 60 pvp. The sewer where the trolls are, is accessed from Butler which is located on I5 of the world map. You will be training in the area based on the second world map. They are underground so I cannot use the world map to give a specific route. I can only give instructions to how to get to them. From butler you go into the sewers. Take the pipe north, then the pipe east, and then go through the red gate. There you will find the sewer trolls. There is also another room full of sewer trolls which you can train in in the pipe south.

Best methods to get arrows:
1. In general it is best to train on enemies which drop arrows. If training magic or combat always keep your quiver on you so you can pick up arrows. Below you will find a list of enemies which generally give a decent amount of arrows.
- goblins, barbarians, river trolls, sewer trolls, giant ants
Of course there are more but these are generally trained on a lot for good exp while also dropping arrows.

2. You can smith arrowheads and turn them into arrows to be used. Each arrowhead requires you to have 1 iron and 2 coal. It requires that you have 45 smithing. To turn the arrowhead into and arrow you will need a log and feathers as well.

3. Buy arrows and arrowheads. Generally there are sometimes players who sell arrows and you can buy them off of them. Ask in the forums if anyone is selling arrows and what price they are offering. I would not buy arrows for over 20 coins each though. There are also various locations at which you can buy arrowheads and arrows from stores. Below you will find a list places to buy them:
Market Stall: I2
Ranged Guild: D4 (requires 60 ranged)
This methods tends to give less arrows and I would normally only use it once daily.

That concludes my ranged guide.

1.6 Money Making Guide:
There are various ways in which you can obtain money within Queville. Below you will find the methods of making money in order from most useful to the least useful.

1. Smithing Helmets- this is the absolute best method of gaining money. There are various other ways of obtaining money yet none can beat smithing helmets. The higher smithing level you have the better helmets you can make. In the smithing guide you can see what level you need for smithing the various helmets. At first smithing bronze helmets gives almost no profit yet once you reach iron and soon after steel helmets you will be making amazing profits. To see all the profits please refer to the smithing guide below.

2. Fixing Pickaxes and Axes-This method is not as good at making steel helmets and yet it is better than making iron helmets and there are no requirements for it. Within the badlands there are a couple of locations where you can pick either one of these up (F9, H9 and H10 inside the forge). Once picked up you have to go off screen and then come back on on screen and another axe or pickaxe will be there. Once you get 20 of these you can fix them all and sell them in East Zelie (F5) for 5 coins each for a total profit of 100 coins. Repeat numerous times and it should get you plenty of money.

3. Looting monsters- when fighting certain monsters they will drop steel items. These can each be sold for 20 coins each to Zack. Some also drop arrows which you sell to players for profit. Below you will find a list of monsters that are worth training on and looting.
River Troll, Sewer Trolls, Swines,
You could also train on stronger monsters that drop these items yet it will be hard to make profit of off these since it will be harder to kill them.

4. Barreling Fish- This method tends not to work as much because of Quevilles lower player capacity but if you can find someone who would be willing to buy barreled fish constantly from you, you could make decent profits. I would recommend selling them for 20 coins each since it costs 5 coins to barrel them. I also recommend training fishing and cooking to 60 since barreled lobsters are more likely to be sold.

1.7 Mining and Smithing Guide:
I will be putting these two guides together as they both are generally used together. The stages of leveling will be based upon smithing since your smithing level is generally below your mining level. Both mining and smithing combined would be very useful to a player. It not only allows you to be able to smith armor for yourself but it also allows you to make extremely good profits as it is the best way to make money. So lets get started to the best ways of leveling smithing.

Smithing Tables:

Bronze Items(1-25):

So for this stage you will be smithing bronze items. You will be mining tin and copper from the Oakland mine which is located at C7, and smithing in the Oakland forge at A6. Please be aware that you need 15 mining to smith tin so just keep mining and dropping copper until you get this. Bring only a pickaxe, an axe(or matches bought from Oakland). If you are using the axe chop wood from the screen above the forge, make a fire in the fire pit, and smith in the forge. Having fewer amounts of useless items will significantly increase your exp gain as you can hold more ore. So mine 8 tin aand 8 copper which would allow you to make 8 helmets. Sell these to Zack and bank your profits. As you can progressively make better items make them so that you can gain exp faster. The 1 coin profit that you make from the helmets is not worth it compared to what you get from iron helmets.

Iron Helmets and Armor(25-49):

At this point you start making some decent profit. In your inventory you should have a pickaxe, a weapon of some sort(wand recommended), an axe(or matches), and mountain or traveling boots if you dont want to keep going around the little mountain area just before the Oakland mine(C7). You should be going into the second section of the Oakland mine in order to mine iron there. The bats and rats can be a bit of a nuisance so if you have a wand you can easily one hit the rat which would stop all attacks against you for the next minute. You should be able to mine 16 iron ore and make 8 helmets which would come to 40 coins per inventory. If you are using the axe then you will have to drop 1 iron when by the forge to get a fire going in it(unless you dont bring mountain or travel boots). After you have smithed in the Oakland forge(A6) and sold your helmets to Zack, bank at Oakland and head back to the mine. As soon as you can smith iron armor you should no longer smith helmets since you can get 2 sets of armor from 16 iron ore and sell each for 20 coins each which would make you the same profit yet you would be able to smith them faster and still get the same amount of exp.

Steel Helmets(49-99):

Steel Helmets are the best profits that can be made in Queville. They sell for 20 coins each and you can make 5 per inventory. When mining them I recommend you bring a pickaxe, mountain or travel boots, matches, and a wand. This would allow you to get 5 iron ore and 10 coal in your inventory. Some players like to use only a pair of boots with a pickaxe so that they can smith 6 helmets at a time yet it can be annoying to keep having to drop matches and picking them up again so that you can hold enough ore for 6 helmets and making a fire. Before you start making steel helmets though I recommend you get 60 mining so that you have access to the mining guild(D6). In here you have access to an iron and coal rock, making smithing much faster. If you go fast and have no lag you can make anywhere from 2-4k per hour depending on your mining level and how concentrated you are.

1.8 Fishing and Cooking Guide:
Fishing and cooking are particularly useful in the manner that you can provide yourself with food so that you may not die while training skills over extended periods of time. I have decided to put these 2 skills together in the guide since they both can be easily trained with each other. Merely training fishing is not particularly useful since the food cannot be eaten uncooked. All levels in the guide will be based on the principle that you need both fishing and cooking of that leveling in order to go onto the next stage of training. All leveling will be done through fishing fish and cooking it since it is the fastest method. Before I get started though I would like to show the various skill levels needed to fishing certain fish and cook certain types of food and how to obtain the ingredients for those foods.

Fishing Tables:

For the sewer crawlers. There is a special way of accessing them. When you get to butler which is located at I5 you go down the sewer, 1 pipe left, 2 pipes up, and then you will come to the clogged pipe. Note: You need swamp boots or travel boots to get there. There is no way to get through the clogged pipe although there is a section of the wall you can walk through. The section where there is a 2x6 set of moss covered tiles you can walk through onto the next screen where sewer crawlers are located.

Cooking Tables:

Some items have to be prepped before they can be cooked. This can be done on the prep table inside the farmhouse at H6. Items that have to be prepped can only be cooked on the stove inside the farmhouse.

Sharks are unique in the manner that you have to kill them to obtain them. They are located J9 and J10. You will need any type of boat to get to them.


The best location to fish these is at E3. There is a firepit there along with logs to pick up so you can easily fish and cook there. You will need a fishing rod to catch these which can be purchased for 20 coins in the store on E3.


The best location to fish these is at A5. There are trees which you can cut down with an axe on that screen and there is a fire pit below the screen by the Oakland furnace. If you dont want to buy an axe though there is an infinite supply of logs on the screen above the carps on A4.


The best location to fish these is at B7. There is a fire pit on the screen where you fish the catfish and trees can be chopped on 1 screen right and 1 screen up, right beside the mining guild.


Currently there are 2 good locations to fish flounder. The first one is on the east coast of Queville at I5. This is a completely safe fishing spot yet it can be annoying to keep getting fire. You can get matches in the town 2 screens down for 20 coins each. You could also be cheap and chop the tree there and use the fire pit inside the town. The second location is in the badlands at I11. This is safe if there are no pvpers which there arent usually unless a war or pvp event of some sort is going on. You can pick up logs on the screen above and there is a fire pit inside the ruins 1 screen left of the infinite supply of logs. Once you reach 60 fishing you can go fish and cook inside the fishing guild located at H1. There is an infinite supply of logs here along with a fire pit which should significantly increase your exp gain.


Since you have 60 fishing the best place to fish lobsters would be the fishing guild at H1. There is a fire pit and an infinite supply of logs making it the best location.

Optional-70-99(Lava Crawlers):

Lava crawlers give somewhat better exp than lobsters but you have to have a weapon and an axe on you when fishing them. They are located at B9. You need 20 arson to be fishing here and lava boots with mountain boots. I recommend bringing travel boots instead which would help. I also recommend having high combat and 40 arson. 40 arson would allow you to chop the burning trees which would give you a fire in your inventory instantly.

1.9 Arson Guide:
Arson is not a particularly useful skill. The only usefulness that it gives to the player is that it allows you access lava mountain at level 20 and to visit the arson guild once you have 60 arson which gives the player access to lava rocks and numerous lesser and greater demons.

There are currently 3 ways of leveling arson. Below you will find the various ways of gaining exp and how much exp they yield.
Matches: of your level in exp.
Using a log on a firepit or chopping a burning tree: 1/10 of your level in exp.
Using a log on a fire: 1 exp

Now lets get to the various ways of training arson.

Lighting logs on a firepit- (1-99):
Now this is probably the best method for all training arson if you dont want to spend money. The best location to do this is at G8 where you get the logs from the screen below since there is an infinite supply of logs. It may at times be risky if players are pvping but they usually arent so most of the time it isnt a risk at all.

Matches- (28-99):
Matches really only become worthwhile once you get an equal amount of exp to the amount of money you put into it. You could use matches at a lower level yet you would not see as much exp gain out of it for the money you spend. Matches cost 20 coins each and can make you spend quite a bit if you want to level a lot. If you plan on using this method it would probably best to know all the locations at which matches are sold so that you can visit the areas daily to buy the matches. Below you will find the locations where you can buy them.
A7 inside town
D5 inside town
F5 inside town
G7 inside Temple
I7 inside town
Each store sells 3 matches at a time so in total you should be able to get 15 matches and be able to make 45 fires from them in 1 buy. You could make the entire trip and be able to light all the fires within 5 minutes if you are quick.

2.0 PvP Guide:
There are several ways in which you can win a pvp fight. Whether it is when you are in a team or when you are soloing someone you should remember to always bring the best food possible and the best armor. This can be found within section (1.2 Armor Guide and Best Armor Combinations) of the guides. There will be some variations of course if you are to work in a team to kill someone. Below you will find the differences between PvPing solo or with a team.

Solo PvPing:
Withing this method of PvPing it is nearly impossible to prevent yourself from being looted if you die. You will have to take down your opponent as quickly as possible while taking as little damage as possible. Bring the best food you can and dont ever die because you did not eat. Always eat your food when your about halfway dead unless you have candy at which point you should probably only eat it if you are running very low on health. Once your opponent dies always go for the items which cost money and you cannot get yourself for free or make.

Team PvPing:
In this version of PvP everything gets far more complicated. Every person has to keep their team informed of how much food they have so that if one member of the team dies their team members can recover the armor for the person that died. I would recommend messaging your team members once you have maybe 5 barrels left and then 2 barrels and eventually again once your down to 1. Once you have no food left inform your team members by messaging them to stay near you so that once you die they will pick up your items at once to save them.

There are also several combinations of what your members should be wielding. Ideally rangers are the ultimate PvPers because they usually kill their enemies before they could die. Magicians never get better than Rangers yet Warriors do get better at one point in time. Once a warrior gets 80 combat they will probably have the advantage over rangers in better stats and not having to fear of losing their arrows.

Each team should probably consist primarily of rangers yet 1 or 2 warriors could be allowed. The rangers will support the warriors by taking out certain targets thus taking them out quicker.

PvP Leveling:
PvP is generally only trained so that players may get a greater overall skill total or that they may get access to the Badlands bunker which requires 60 PvP. When training PvP the best way to do this is just to kill a person with no armor continuously. Yet the person with higher stats should probably be the killer.

This will yield you exp equivalent to their combat level when you kill them. The person that died will also get exp equivalent to your combat level. There is nothing more than that to training PvP.

That concludes my PvP guide.

2.1 High level Monster Hunting in Teams and solo:

This section of the guide will typically be focusing on the various ways in which you should be killing monsters above level 60 all alone and in teams. I strongly recommend that when killing these monsters with 65+ combat. If you are using range I recommend 65+ combat and at least 60 range. If you are using magic anything below level 75 magic wouldnt be worthwhile. Remember to always bring the best armor combinations you can use and the best barreled food when fighting these creatures.

Solo Hunting:
Solo hunting is pretty simple. Get as much food ready as possible and head out to kill these monsters. Get into the habit of checking about how much food you use so you plan your trips and be able to make the kill without having to run away from the these monsters.

Team Hunting:
Team hunting gets a bit more complicated. When in groups if all people are magic and combat then use the same strategy as solo hunting yet share food with each other when needed. When there are rangers involved pair the ranger up with a person using either combat or magic. This will allow the warrior or magician to tank all the hits while the ranger keeps firing away. The ranger should supply their partner with barrels whenever they start running low as the ranger will not be having any damage dealt to them.
With multiple pairs of rangers and warriors or magicians it is much easier to hunt these monsters.

This concludes my guide on high level monster hunting.

2.2 Lava Wizard killing:

The lava wizard is the only boss monster right now in Queville. He can be attacked by as many rangers as desired at any one given time. Although multiple rangers can attack him at the same time he does harm every single one of them individually when they are attacking him. His maximum hit is 29 which is really quite high so everyone that is fighting him should make sure that theyre health does not fall below this. One warrior or magician can attack him while rangers attack him yet if more tried at the same time it wouldnt allow them. Some of his notable drops are diamond wands and the extremely rare Wizard Robes holding a value of 20k. So far there has never been a single drop of the Wizard Robe that has ever been shown by a player.

Recommended Stats: (65+combat and 75+magic) or (65+combat, 60+ ranged, and 65+magic)
Soloing the lava wizard is not easy task. It is generally recommended that one have high stats as shown above yet it can be accomplished with lower stats yet many more barrels will be needed. When killing him you should have the best armor possible and the best food possible. Have extra food ready outside the tower just in case. You can do this by taking 1 full inventory of food into the tower with you. Kill the rat and drop the food. Teleport back to house and get another full inventory of food. Drop it outside the tower and go inside the tower. Kill another rat and pick up the food. Then afterwards start killing the lava wizard. If you run out of food you can pick the food up outside the tower which will remain there unless someone comes and picks it up or you pick it up.

Team Killing:
Recommended Stats: 65+ combat, 60+ range, 30+ magic
Most people generally tend to kill the lava wizard in teams because he can be quite a challenge for the unprepared players. Everyone should be using range yet there can be one exception of one person using combat or magic. Everyone should also have the best armor combinations possible for them so that they can survive the lava wizards high attacks. If everyone comes prepared and with 4 or more players the team should be able to kill the lava wizard at least 5 times if not more before having to re-supply on food. Once everyone is out of food everyone should re-fill on food and head back to the wizard.

2.3 Towns:
Currently within Queville 7 towns exist and 1 castle. I will be providing an overview of all of them within this section of the guide and what they have to offer. Below you will find a map showing the locations of each of these. I have no marked the castle as it can clearly be seen on the map.

Start Town(B2):
This town is the first town any new player encounters. Within here lie 3 stores and a bank.

Hair Styles:

This is the only place in-game where you can change your hairstyle. Each hairstyle costs 5 coins and your hairstyle shows which gender you are.


This store houses all bronze items with leather armor. Each item costs 20 coins and can be sold for 5 coins each.

Clothing Store:

This store and the one in East Zelie are the only stores which sell clothing. The prices fairly cheap and basically anyone can afford them.

Swamp Village(C1):

This store is home to1 bank, 1 store and the doctors house.


This store is the only place to buy poison cure. Both the poison cure and the lantern can be bought for 20 coins and sold for 5.

Doctors House:

Here the doctor will heal you for a charge of 1 coin per hp. The house is also where you start the doctors son quest whereupon completion you can receive an infinite amount of heals from the doctor.


Oakland is commonly used by many players to drop off their money after smithing. It features a bank, a store, and a tavern. It also houses the entrance to the Oakland sewers.


In this store you area able to buy axes, pickaxes, sets of 3 matches, and lanterns. It is the ideal location to buy any items you need to start smithing. All of these items you can buy for 20 coins each or sell for 5 coins each.

Please see the sewer sections of the guide in order to see whats inside the Oakland sewers.


This building is special in the way that you need at least 10 combat to enter it. It used to serve a section of the Lumber Jills Axe quest. Now you can go there and ask for beer or tea yet it does not serve any purpose in improving the players stats.

West Zelie(D5):

This is the second place where you can buy clothes. This town features a bank, clothing store, and a store.


This store features the exact same products as Oakland does which are axes, pickaxes, lanterns, and sets of 3 matches all of which you can buy for 20 coins each and sell for 5 coins each.

Clothing Store:

This is the second place where a person can buy clothes. 5 coins is extremely cheap for this purpose thereby making this store cheaper than the beginner towns store.

East Zelie(F5):

This town is not often used by players yet features a bank, travel store, and a store. It also features the beginning of the great split quest which you can start by the old man.


This store houses the same products as both Oakland and West Zelie which are axes, pickaxes, lanterns, and sets of 3 matches all of which can be bought for 20 coins and sold for 5.

Travel Store:

This store houses every single type of boot except the travel boots. Please visit the forms of travel sections of this guide in order to see every single form of travel.


Butler is probably most well-known for its sewers and its grocery store. It also houses 1 house which currently has no use.

Grocery Store:

This store is one of the two stores to sell cooking materials. All of these can be bought at 5 coins each and sold at 1 coin each.

These sewers house some of the strongest monsters in Queville outside of the badlands. Please see the sewers section for more details.

Wheat Pile:

This pile of wheat is the only place wheat can be harvested ingame. After harvesting it reappears every 2 game ticks(4 seconds). It also reappears if you exit the city and go back in. When harvested it can be ground into flour using the mill at H6.

Unknown building:

Nobody knows what this house will be used for in the future as it currently has no function.


This is the only place where you can buy a boat. It houses a bank, a store, and the port.


This store houses fishing nets, poles, and sets of 3 matches. The nets and poles can be bought for 5 coins each and sold for 1 coin each. The sets of 3 matches can be bought for 20 coins each and sold for 5 coins each.


This is the only place in-game where you can buy a boat. Each boat allows you to enter a different level of water. Please see the travel section to see to what depth each boat will go.

2.4 Mines:
Currently there are 4 mines which house both ore for smithing and many monsters. Only the actual mines will be covered in this guide and not every single location of ore.

Oakland Mine(C7):

This mine houses copper, tin, and iron. It is comprised of two parts. The first part consists of the copper and tin and has no requirements to mine in it. The rat here is not aggressive and so a miner could easily mine here with no trouble. The second part requires that a person have 15 mining to enter and houses iron on top of the copper and tin. It also has several bats in it so having at least 25 combat is strongly recommended.

Mining Guild(D6):
Please visit the guilds section for more info.

River Troll Mine(E4):

This mine houses only iron. The main feature of this mine is that it also houses a furnace, logs, and a firepit so it is good for power smithing although the person will gain no money from it. It is recommend that a player have at least 40 combat if they are power leveling here as the trolls will deal some significant damage and a person will have to leave occasionally to heal.
This mine can only be accessed by the river by boat. The dock to access the river is located at E5 just below the mine.

Coal Mine(F7):

This mine houses coal and a mountain goat. For this reason it is most often used to power level ones mining skill. When the player hat comes out which allows a player to teleport to the badlands this mine will probably be used in accordance with smithing lava items.

Currently there are 2 sewers in Queville. Each of these houses several of Quevilles strongest monsters. These are the Oakland sewers and the Butler sewers of which the Butler sewers is the tougher one. In this guide an overview of both sewers and some of its features will be covered.

The red lines going from pipe to pipe show to which section of the sewer the pipes lead to.

Oakland Sewers:

This sewer is quite small compared to the Butler sewers yet is a significant place to train. It houses several monsters of which the toughest are the sewer trolls. What is significant about these trolls is that they drop the blue bandana which is a rare item which many people want to acquire. In order to get to the sewer trolls you need the blue key. This can be gotten by killing the sewer troll in the south-eastern chamber.

Butler Sewers:

This is the biggest sewer consisting of several chambers and a wide variety of monsters. The strongest monsters in the sewers are baby dragons although they dont drop anything significant.

There are probably only 2 significant sections of the sewers though. These are the chamber which contains sewer crawlers and the river trolls.

The chamber with the sewer crawlers is quite interestingly accessed. There is a section of the wall where you can walk through. From the inside of the chamber you can find your way out the pipe despite the fact that you cant go into the pipe from the outside.

The sewer trolls just like the ones in the Oakland sewers can be accessed with a key but this time it is a red key. This can be acquired by going into the badlands bunkers which is also the pvp guild and clan house. These trolls instead of dropping the rare blue bandana drop the rare red bandana which is also a significant drop.

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cool dude


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UsMarine said:

cool dude

Thanks man. It did take a long time to make.

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UsMarine said:

cool dude

Thanks man. It did take a long time to make.

looks like it lol


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Nice work.


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An lot of work went into this, I'm impressed. I may post your dungeon maps into an official guide, assuming you don't mind.

Should point out that you actually have the map backwards - the columns are numbers and the rows are letters. Like on a keyboard, zero comes after nine.

A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A0
B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 B0
C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C0
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9 X0
Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9 Y0
Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 Z6 Z7 Z8 Z9 Z0

The world is also "round", meaning you can scroll from A0 to A1 or from A1 to Z1. It is my hope that one day the map will be complete and players will be able to sail all the way around the world.


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